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Romina Findel-Hawkins, Investment Analyst at our firm, leveraging academic excellence and industry passion to drive success.

Romina Findel-Hawkins l Investment Associate

Ms. Findel-Hawkins brings her expertise as an Investment Associate. With a strong academic background and a passion for the industry, Ms. Findel-Hawkins is an asset to our organization.

Ms. Findel-Hawkins joined the company in July 2023, following her graduation from the esteemed University of Bath, where she earned a BSc (Hons) in Economics and Politics. Her comprehensive education equips her with a solid understanding of economic principles and political dynamics that influence the financial landscape.

Her primary responsibility is to conduct meticulous data analysis and extensive market research. Her insightful reports and commentary play a crucial role in shaping our business activities and guiding our clients towards informed investment decisions.

One of Ms. Findel-Hawkins' key strengths lies in her exceptional communication skills. Fluent in multiple languages, she effortlessly engages with clients from diverse backgrounds, addressing their business and financial concerns with clarity and professionalism. Her ability to bridge cultural gaps enables her to cultivate strong client relationships and provide personalized financial solutions.


Prior to joining Farazad Advisory, gained valuable experience through an internship at a global risk intelligence and consultancy firm. During her time there, she focused on monitoring and analysing European markets, specializing in risk assessments for financial market infrastructures and sub-custodian bank networks. This experience has honed her analytical skills and provided her with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics and risk management strategies.


+44 207 965 7393

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