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Farazad Advisory Limited (FA Ltd.) is an advisory company, providing professional and structured guidance, on a variety of mixed-use real estate and trophy asset investment opportunities available in the United Kingdom and overseas markets. All guidance is tailor-made to individually represent the client's interest and to complement their portfolio.

FA Ltd. has the ability to raise up to 75–80 percent of the debt and/or equity needed for a particular project, along with organising the best possible debt structure for all financing options. FA Ltd. also manages an active international advisory platform which in the past has successfully advised well over US$ 2.65 billion of equity, debt and investment sale/acquisition advisory business throughout the World.

FA Ltd. supports Farazad Investment Ltd (Hong Kong) and KGT Hotel Capital Ltd (London) in the assessment and underwriting of investments and acquisition across the capital structure in all commercial real estate asset classes.


FA Ltd. has successfully assisted in advising and structuring projects for funding by providing timely information critical to each portfolio model with complex investments. We offer optimal investment solutions with methods personalised to each client’s appetite of risk, using our substantial expertise in the financial field. Subsequently, we have developed insights combined with different marketing trends to create cross-disciplinary teams that eminently produce pioneering results.




A captivating view of London's iconic landmarks and cityscape, showcasing the city's beauty and charm.


Our clientele are able to rely upon us to meet their needs with multiple solutions and with our transparency of high standards within the industry. We consistently make sure that every proposal matches its specific purpose, we uphold our commitment to take any, and all actions required to build and maintain strong relationships with our clients. 

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