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Iman Cravello-11 Jan 2024 (Profile Pic).jpg

Iman Cravello l Associate Investment Analyst

Ms. Cravello brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Farazad Advisory, where she assumed the role of Associate Investment Analyst in January 2024 to dedicate her involvement in the dynamic world of debt financing for both, buy and sell side opportunities.


Before joining Farazad Advisory, Ms. Cravello honed her skills as an Associate at Katch Investment Group, where she deepened her understanding of Real Estate and transaction underwriting. Her journey continued at Mizuho Bank, where she played an integral role in the Leverage Finance team, gaining a comprehensive grasp of corporate debt transactions, portfolio management, and credit analysis. Iman embarked on her career at Altimapa Capital, a distinguished Corporate Finance boutique specializing in debt products.


Ms. Cravello academic achievements are equally impressive, with two master’s degrees earned from prestigious institutions: Edinburgh University and Vlerick Business School. Her studies were centred around Capital Markets and Financial Management, solidifying her foundation of knowledge.


+44 207 965 7393

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