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Haraj Soor, Vice President of Farazad Investments, contributing to the company's global investment success.

Haraj Soor  l  Senior Vice President

Mr. Soor is a Senior Vice President at Farazad Advisory where he meticulously analyses investment opportunities and deploys modern financial techniques to evaluate and structure the best solutions in Capital Markets. He previously worked for a Private Equity firm in Mayfair, where he formulated appropriate financing strategies for real estate investments and risk management in real estate portfolios through asset allocation across countries, geographies and property types on behalf of a conglomerate of ultra HNWI based in the Middle East. Mr Soor was awarded an MSc in Real Estate Investment from Cass Business School and alongside a great foundation in real estate skills, it provided a high level of investment analytic skills, a focus on financial markets and a thorough knowledge of the up-to-date methods applied in industry.  


He additionally holds another MSc in Genomic Medicine and a BSc from University College London in Biomedical Sciences where he collaborated in specialised funded projects alongside some of the world's leading scientists.


+44 207 965 7393

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