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Mattie Chalermchaiwat | Vice President

Ms. Mattie Chalermchaiwat is a Vice President at Farazad Advisory. In her role, she formulates financial analysis reports, conducting in depth analytical research etc. Prior to joining, she received a graduate degree of M.S.c in Management, Concentrations in Finance from University College London and a B.A Economics from Kasetsart University, Thailand. She was also awarded a full double Scholarship from Osaka University, School of Economics.

Ms. Chalermchaiwat, has acquired the knowledge in International Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Mergers and IPOs, Decision and Risk. She has been at the forefront in handling complex transactions and actively identifying and engaging with global Private Equity Funds, with minimum assets under management of Euro 1 Billion. She has a unique ability to analyse and conduct in depth market research which has proven fundamental to transactions.

Ms. Chalermchaiwat, has had a remarkable impact during her employment with one of the largest book publishing companies. It was during this period the first critical steps to expand the business into a regional diversified media firm were taken; launching e-books with Ministry of Education; developing audiobooks. She also founded on behalf of the company, an Academy, that is dedicated to find and build the new generation of creative writers.

Her outstanding achievements were proven whilst she pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurial Economics, as she was an exceptional student and completed a 4-year degree within a 3 year term and was awarded the Outstanding Student Medal for Academic Excellence 2013.

During her internship with the major Thai Television Channel 3, she displayed her unique ability and forward thinking, and she was Co-Producer of the most popular Economics program in Thailand. She also specialised in preparing, analysing and concluding impacts of economics for the news content. In 2012 she Co-hosted a television programme, on TNN24 True Visions Chanel, about economic analysis and stock investment strategies.

Ms. Chalermchaiwat, is an asset to the team and provides a unique and fresh perspective to the business, she has already enhanced working practices and continues to lead by example.


+44 207 965 7393

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